Monday, September 25, 2006

So. I have finally succumbed to the publish(-yourself)-or-perish attitude that seem to be in vogue these days. Well, it's really more a rational decision that has finally taken root. Blogging, I suppose, is an excellent way of keeping in touch with people, practice writing skills, and giving people a piece of my mind. But the main thing here for me is really to have a platform for people I know to hook up with me. We're all so spread out all over the world that even though I'd love to write you all personalised letters every month - it just ain't gonna happen. I also don't like the idea of writing mass e-mails, so I'll do this instead. In this case you have choice, you can read or not, write me or not - no pressure.

I've just moved to Bath (England) from Colchester. It's a HUGE improvement! I took a few photos for you to peruse at your pleasure. I will hopefully take more as Bath VERY scenic. All the brochures, magazines and whatnots keep referring to some giant filmset, but to me it's still looks a bit like DisneyLand (although that's probably not true as I've never been to DisneyLand - and it's certainly, one would hope, not nearly as sinister...).

I moved to Bath to start a MSc in Science, Culture and Communication at the University of Bath . I have my Induction on Friday. It's very exciting. And courtesy of a bursary from the Association of British Science Writers. Well not the induction, but the fact that I get to go on the course...

Watch this space for more bloggetiblog

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