Sunday, February 03, 2008

Got some more stories for you to have a look at. First up is my write-up of research on swarming owls for New Scientist's Technology section blog.

Next up is a piece I did for Null Hypothesis on circuit bending.

I have also started a new job with Zenith Publishing, a publisher for the food and beverage industry. I'm a sub-editor for several B2B magazines, including Journey, cooler innovation, beverage innovation, water innovation, dairy innovation and their affiliated web sites.

My partner of seven years and I have decided to go separate ways, which means I'm now for the look out for a new home. This will preferably be a studio or one-bedroom flat for max. £450 in Bath (yeah, I know - good luck finding that...). So if anyone has any tips do get in touch. Don't use the email on my profile as that's a fake one to avoid spam. Just send me a comment...

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